PROOF: How Non-SEO Guys Like Me RANK FOR HARD KEYWORD ON PAGE #1 Of Both Google & Youtube In Minutes & Stay There For YEARS.

If ranking on Google and YouTube it’s so simple, how come most people fail with SEO all the time no matter what they try.

The new ways of doing SEO and the fancy loopholes don’t work and here’s why. Forget loopholes, secret methods, and shady stuff. 

Have you ever notice they don’t ever get your results? 

Each of this software or methods has a benefit but they never stick and never rank for tougher keywords. The reason is simply a lack of old school google friendly SEO strategies. 

Search engines hate loopholes! 

If you want to rank simply give them what they love. Quality backlinks are what Google loves the most. Old school, quality content that links back to whatever it’s you’re ranking. They eat them up, backlinks are the best way to rank fast and for a long time.

The problem is that siphoning loads of free traffic from SEO and staying on top of rankings is heard as hell. You better start building hundreds and thousands of high-quality backlinks and you better start monitoring them on a DAILY BASIS. Sounds complicated, time-consuming, expensive?

Introducing RankSnap, an artificial intelligence ranking software, that builds thousands of high-quality backlinks as if a human does it for you. It’s fast and it’s done on autopilot. 

RankSnap ranks for harders keywords by giving Google what they want. Feeding them with everything they love and in exchange you get rankings. RankSnap uses a cutting-edge technology called “shortcuts” which gets you 5 times more backlinks without additional posting, getting you more traffic and helping you rank for harders keywords that actually get searches. 

You get all the benefits such as long-term traffic, high-ranking on Google and YouTube, plus fast and free buyer traffic but without the work, time or money spent.

Go check out this new software to rank high on Goggle and YouTube!

Meet The Creators

My name is Tom Yevsikov, and along with my partners Alex Krulik & Gaurab Borah. We believe we created the ultimate SEO solution out there.

Real Result By Real People

See RankSnap In Action Below (Demo)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the software simple to use?

A. Yes, all you need to do is to follow the steps the software asks you and that’s it, you’re on your way to rank high for a long time.

Q. What is RankSnap?

A. RankSnap is an artificial intelligence software that will get you tons of free targeted traffic by building high-quality backlinks as if a human is building them.

Q: Will this work for harder keywords?

A. Yes, this also works for harder keywords, what is the point of wasting energy on super low traffic keywords that anyone can rank for.

Q: I don’t have the time?

A. As ridiculous as it may sound it doesn’t require more than 5 minutes if work.

Q: How risky is it?

A. It’s not risky, shady, or unreliable. In fact, you can activate it and let it run forever.

Q: Do I need experience with SEO?

A. You absolutely don’t need to have any SEO knowledge with this, but if you do, you will simply have an advantage with our system.

You're Covered By Our 100% Refund Policy

Whether it’s our top notch support, whether it’s the product itself or the delivery of the product.

We CANNOT guarantee results, we CANNOT guarantee anything will happen. We can just share our own results and how it absolutely changed our businesses & our lives. However, we CAN guarantee that we did our BEST to make this software as effective as possible.

If you have any technical issues, and we fail to help you resolve the issue, we’ll give you 100% of your money back. Our money back guarantee applies to all technical issues only – other than that, all sales are final.

During 30 days warranty period your RankSnap purchased can be refunded only in case if you have spent less then 3000 credits before you ask for refund. 3000 credits is absolutely enough to test software and make decision keep it or not.

How To Claim Your 90% Discount

When you sign up for a 30-day test drive of RankSnap before this timer below expires, you will receive a 90% discount.There won’t by any additional monthly fees, one time investment!

Plus, For Acting Fast, You're Getting These Free Bonuses!

Bonus: Shopify Secrets (Value $297)

Own A Fully Functioning Online Store Running In Just A Few Hours With Shopify! Simple to follow Shopify Training Course that will take you from Beginner to Advance TODAY!

Anyone who started their ecommerce business from scratch – building the website themselves, doing or outsourcing all of the coding, graphic design and content that is required for even the most basic ecommerce site – will tell you that their method of getting into the business was the hard way.

Shopify, on the other hand, is the easy way. Shopify is a platform that allows you to create a store without any need for major web design skills, programming or any further knowledge that the casual user of the web probably has. 

It is a framework for you to create your own ecommerce website, with everything provided for you to be able to operate, including options for shipping products, payment gateways, design themes and support for multiple countries and languages. It is the most versatile and most powerful platform that exists for create an online store.

Bonus: Social Media Boom Software ($697)

Turn tour WordPress blog into a social powerhouse! The simple and fast way to increase social conversions.

Take the social features of some of the highest shared websites like Buzzfeed or UpWorthy and add them to your blog posts.

No matter what theme you are using you can add these shortcodes to get all the social share features you need to have viral blog posts.

Benefits Of Social Boost:

  •  Easy to Install Plugin
  •  Powerful Social     Shortcodes
  •  Collect Email Leads
  •  Increase Facebook   Likes
  •  Increase Twitter   Shares
  •  Slide Popup Shortcode
  •  Exit Popup Shortcode
  •  YouTube Video Resizer
  •  Super Easy to Use   Admin Panel

Bonus: Biz Landing Page Plugin ($497)

You probably have noticed that most businesses online are listed in directories such as YellowPages only… Now with one wordpress plugin you can create an all-in-one website that will pull in multiple sources and display in one place.

This is a stand alone plugin that will create a business website in one landing page. Add tabbed content to keep your visitors staying on one page!

What is included:

  • Full business site with editing back-end
  • Professional design that you can customize in clicks
  • Yelp reviews, social sites and Google Maps
  • Photo lightbox
  • Slideshow background
  • Page scales for mobile

Includes ready sales materials!

Total Value In Free Bonuses $1491.00

How To Claim Your Bonuses?

Follow these simple steps:

  1. Click here to download RankSnap through my affiliate link. You won’t have to pay extra to the vendor. He’s just going to cut me in when you buy. 
  2. Forward your receipt to so I can verify you purchased the software through my affiliate link.
  3. I will email you back with a download link to grab the two bonuses right away. 

Who I'm

Hello, my name is Roilandy Perez but you can call me Roly. 

After doing affiliate marketing for many years I have tested and reviewed many different software products. 

I recommend this software because Google is and will always be the best traffic source for promoting your business. 

RankSnap will save you a huge amount of hours that takes to create hundreds of backlinks to your website or sales page. This task alone is very complicated to accomplish, time-consuming, and expensive. 

The software is design to create thousands of backlinks just like a human will do buy much, much, faster and done on autopilot, so you just relax and watch how your website starts ranking on the first page of Google.

Why I'm Offering You These Free Bonuses?

It’s simple. 

I’m offering you a valuable “ethical bribe” to buy RankSnap 3.0 through my affiliate link. When you do, I will get paid a commission by the product creator. 

You won’t have to pay extra. 

You won’t even feel it. 

And in exchange for buying through my affiliate link and helping, I reward you with extra free stuff. So everyone wins! 

Plus, if you need support, you can count on me to be there for you, because I want to win you over long term. 

But there’s a catch! 

My offer ends when the timer below hits zero. So you have to act now!